are for

The Golden
Adler Hotel
is for the dis­cerning.

Situated next to the church, the Adler was the village inn for hundreds of years. It has been restored with the greatest care. Today, it is a treasure trove of Alpine
traditions, a boutique hotel, a place of longing. The Adler epitomizes a truly happy love affair between the past and the present.

At’s not to say that the Adler wants to bring back folklore, nor does it want to wow you with its design. The Adler is inspiring, stylish, full of charm, exquisitely welcoming, authentic and with a cosy ambience you will love.

The Golden Adler boutique hotel is less a hotel and more your home away from home in the mountains, even if it is only for a short stay. It combines authentic ambience with cosmopolitan comfort. It is credible, creative and refined. Never formal or condescending, the Adler is always very attentive towards its guests. ere is nothing artificial or pretentious about the place. Everything is pure and natural.

Treasured memories and
contemporary design

Carefully restored antiques, which have been collected over the centuries, have been lovingly integrated into the hotel’s design. ey are not museum pieces, but form an integral part of the whole hotel, which they also inspire. Whether in our public rooms, guest rooms or spa, new pieces constantly reference local history and the village itself, paying reverence without copying them.

Are you

Would you like to find out more about Ischgl's unique boutique hotel? Then let yourself be inspired by the harmonious ambience of the Golden Adler Hotel.

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